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      When it comes to strollers, one size does not fit all, and this is especially true about baby products. My parents and sisters bought us the Orbit Baby stroller system. We absolutely love it, but is it right for you?

     There are countless of excellent strollers and stroller systems in the market these days and Natali from Youtube channel "Crash Test Mom" provides helpful reviews on some of the best strollers out there. I've posted a link to her channel at the very bottom of this page.

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why orbit baby?

    My husband and I love the Orbit baby for several reasons, but the biggest selling point for us was the 360 degree orbiting feature that no other stroller system offers. You will find several other incredible stroller systems in the market, many that in my opinion outdo the Orbit Baby in one way or another, but the convenience of the orbiting feature is a non-negotiable.

fast facts about the orbit baby

    Orbit Baby breaks down their stroller system into three sections: "bases," "seats," and "accessories." As you can see in the photo below, their bases include a stroller frame you can dock seats on (photo 1 from left to right), a car seat base that you can dock a car seat on without having to buckle in and out each time (photo 2), a Double Helix Stroller Frame, which is a stroller base with a different handle than the one on the basic stroller frame that extends to hold another seat for a second baby (photo 4), and a Rocker Base which also holds any orbit baby seat and turns it into a rocker when you b

about our stroller

things to know a about the orbit

  • the double helix bundle is composed of a G2 frame with a handle different than the G3 and G2 frames. It has a long connected bar to which an ipad case can be attached.
  • The G2 and G3 stroller frames fold with a one-handed twist and lift motion. Our G2 Double Helix frame does not. This frame has a small lock you must lift prior to the twist and lift motion.
  • The infant car seat is not ideal fro long stroller rides. The stroller seat reclines all the way back, ideal for infants, and is much more comfortable. Both seats hold the same weight, which is up to 30 lbs.
  • The toddler car seat holds up to 65 lbs, but the public's review on this seat are not very positive.
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    the double helix is designed with the same dock as the regular stroller frame to provide different options for how you want to place the seats. NOTE: if you look at the picture I've posted above you'll notice that the seat beneath the stroller handle does not have a canopy. This is the stroller seat and it actually does come with a canopy, only that the canopy does not fully open when the seat is placed on the Double Helix extension. Unfortunately, the stroller handlebar blocks the canopy from fully opening. I imagine if this stroller frame had separate handles, like the original G2 and the G3, the canopy would fully open.

the orbit pieces we have

        As you can see, the first photo above shows the stroller frame I had described previously, with a single handlebar and ipad case. The second picture shows the stroller seat reclined back. Our baby girl rides very comfortably in this setting. Keep in mind that our daughter is 9 lbs at the moment and the straps on the stroller seat are way too big for her still. I had to fold them and clamp them down with the Velcro pads.

toddler car seat
Here is a Baby Gizmo review of the car seat:

toddler stroller seat

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