Final Project

Brent Tholen

Movie Trailer Evaluation

Ride Along shows scenes parts of the beginning of the movie in the first 1/4 of the trailer. It shows some action during one of the police fights with gun fire to get the target audience a good action part of the movie. Right after the beginning clips its shows some comedy but not a lot. But then the police officer gets a phone call and he states that its the little clown that's dating his sister. The twist is that the sister wants the "clown." Climax is the part that he asks the brother to marry his sister, then he says ill take you on a ride along which is the big part of the movie. The trailer then shows the climax of the main actors in action with a lot of comedy. It ends with the feelings of Comedy and action which is the main theme for this movie.

Amusement/Theme Parks: Different Prices for Different Days

One advantage of higher admissions during the weekends like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is that most people have no school or work, more teens and parents will have free time to go to these amusement parks to spend money. You can also charge higher admissions during the summer which most people have a lot of time to go to these amusement parks and there is nicer weather then Spring, Fall, or Winter. Disadvantages are people might going during the week days because of the higher admissions on the weekends so they'll get lower admission charges. Also people might go during Spring or Fall were the weathers not the greatest just to get lower admission charges. I think its good business for Amusement Parks to do this. The parks are only open for a certain amount of time during a season, so they should have higher admission prices.

Movie Poster: Movie 42

The Movie 42 has a great attention grabber. Jackie Robinson is in the middle of the poster with a blue suit on and everyone else has mutual colors that just blend in this grabs my attention because he stands out from the rest of the other people in the poster. Having the huge number 42 in blue and Jackie Robinson the main character being in blue makes a connection that this movie is about Jackie Robinson. This poster gives everyone an idea what this movie is about because the other blue lettering that is big say, ''The True Story Of An American Legend'' and other lettering saying ''In a Game Divided By Color. He Made Us See Greatness.'' So this gives you an idea that this movie is about a sport, but then most everybody knows that the number 42 is a significant number for the first African American baseball player that played in the white MLB. The fact that the poster shows one colored man with his teammates gives you a need to see this movie feeling, and this is an interesting seen of the movie of the whole team getting of the bus "together.'' You can see that this movie was in the old days were there wasn't mixed teams yet.

Amusement/Theme Parks: Key to Success

Amusement parks have many different ways to be successful. One of those ways is pricing strategies, they can have their admission costs high to make most of the money on the entrance. If they're only open for one season like summer they can have higher admission cost then if they were open all year round. Another way is to have stores and activities in the park with high prices to also help the park make money. On the side of things they can have sales promotions, Amusement Parks should put coupons out for the general public to see everywhere. For example Valley fair has coupons in almost every subway during the summer to get the public to want to go to their Amusement Park. The USP is key for Amusement Parks, Valley Fair has the Camp Snoopy, and the Wild Thing to be the main attraction for the public to come ride the only ride like that around.

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