ISH Teacher´s Cover Work - Tutorial

How to post your cover work in case you are absent.

1. Go to
2. Go to the Whole School Community. You should see something like this:

3. Click on Meet Google Drive. This will open up this page:

4. At the right top it says: Open in Drive. Click there.The following page should open:

5. Open the folder that matches the week we are in and open the page that you will be needing cover for.  For example Week 3, Wednesday:

6. Click on: NEW, the red button on the left and create a Folder with your name. Open your folder and click on NEW again to create a document, explaining what the cover teacher should do. You can drag files or folders from your computer into this screen. For example:

7. Email Julie that you are absent and confirm that you have uploaded your cover work. Do not send the cover work to her! Julie will Post on Google Whole School who is absent and who is covering. The teacher who will be on cover, can easily check the cover work.