Pluto probes

Basic info

The probe will land on Pluto 7/14/15 This mission is called the new horizons mission and costs 700 million dollars and was launched in 2006. It was not only set on this mission to take pictures of Pluto but also it's five moons. Charon, Hydra, Nix, Styx, and Kerberos.

How it looks and works

The probe is the size of a piano and it has a golden tint and a satellite that allows it to send pictures of  Pluto to earth and steer it away from danger remotely. One example of a possible danger is astroids And meteorites. But the biggest danger is when it it lands on Pluto. Seen the pressure is so high the probe can get crushed under the pressure.

How it has got to Pluto

It has traveled 3 billion miles or 4.8 kilometers through nuclear power. A third of the time it has been in space it has been sleeping. It has been resting to conserve it's energy.

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