Year 6 Multimedia Project

Researching a volcano or earthquake of your choice, then produce a multimedia presentation using text, video, images and sounds in PowerPoint.

This term, you are going to be utilising your knowledge from the volcanoes and earthquake unit in Geography, and produce a multimedia presentation using text, video, images and sounds in PowerPoint. You will be using your PowerPoint as a visual aid for when you present your research to your Geography class. Once PowerPoints have been created, the last thing we will look use Prezi; you can choose to do your talk using PowerPoint or Prezi as your visual aid.

Research - Weeks One and Two

LO: To use skimming and scanning techniques to collate research information. To search the Internet accurately and insert hyper links and images in a Word document.

Open up MS Word. You are going to be collating research on the following areas in this Word doc. Save it as 'Research' in your Year 6 ICT folder.

1) Insert a map detailing the area of where your earthquake occurred/volcano is.

2) Copy URLs that help you explain what caused the eruption/earthquake. Ensure you use the following words when you create your PowerPoint:

Volcano key words:

Destructive plate boundary


Composite volcano



Shield volcano

Pyroclastic flow



Pyroclastic flow

Earthquake key words:

Ocean trench

Seismic waves


Plate margin

Subduction zone


3) Copy URLs. You can use short Youtube clips as well. Describe what happened during the eruption/earthquake.

4) Copy URLs. How were humans affected?

Week 3 - Creating your PowerPoint presentation

LO: To apply a Design theme, insert a new slide, a nd insert text and images into PowerPoint.

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Choose a Design theme from the Design menu.
  • Create the first slide. This slide should have the title of your earthquake/volcano as well as a map detailing the area of where your earthquake occurred/volcano is, and a picture of your volcano/earthquake. See below for an example.
  • Create the second slide. Explain what caused the eruption/earthquake - use information from the hyperlinks in your research document as well as the geographical terms above to explain. See below for example.

Weeks 4 and 5 - Creating your PowerPoint presentation

LO: To understand how to present information in own words using bullet points, and insert a video and table.

  • Create the third slide. Describe what happened during the eruption/earthquake.
  • Use bullet points to relay information. This should be in your own words (see below). (Username: dcpslondon; ask me for the password).
  • Copy and paste a URL to a short video into your PowerPoint. This will link to the website when you run the presentation.
  • Create the fourth slide. How were humans affected? Use a table to present the information.


  1. Find more images to decorate your slides with.
  2. Ensure each slide has a bold, appropriate heading.
  3. Make sure you have followed the instructions for what each slide should have, ready for next week's lesson. See above.
  4. Embed a short video instead of having a URL pasted. Click the button below for help on how to do this.

Week 6 - Adding transitions and animations

LO: To know how to add effective transitions and animations to slides.

  • Find out 5 tips for creating effective PowerPoint presentations and type them in a Word document. Share with your partner.
  • Struggling for ideas? Check out the following website.
  • Now that you know how to create effective presentations, insert appropriate transitions and animations into your slideshow.


  1. Insert hyperlinks into your presentation to make navigation easier.
  2. Include a table of contents using hyperlinks.
  3. Create an attractive title slide. Once you have finished the extension tasks, your slideshow should have 6 slides in total.

Weeks 7 and 8 - Using Prezi

LO: To know how to create effective presentations using Prezi.

  • Watch the following introductory video: Prezi video.
  • Log onto Username: Ask me for password.
  • Using your PowerPoint presentation, create a presentation using Prezi. First choose an appropriate template. Then watch the following video for ideas of how to get started creating your Prezi. There are a few more videos there that you can watch to get further tips.
  • Click on the All Prezis folder to look at examples of boys' work from last year.