Masha Lopatova
Co - Owner Of Fashion IQ

Masha Lopatova is the co-owner of Fashion IQ in Moscow, Russia, business owner of Fashion IQ NYC, and an entrepreneur emphasizing the fashion business. Fashion IQ is a fashion and personal styling consulting firm operating globally with Russian talent that is becoming a remarkably dominant and strong leader out there. Masha didn't get her running start in the fashion industry, however, and originated with a productive career in Russian media.Masha matured in Moscow but relocated to London in order to study film. At St. Martin's College she earned a Masters Degree in TV and Video Production and quickly afterwards Masha came back to Moscow beginning a prominent career in Russian media. Her dad was a famous and adored basketball player and Masha utilized this as a catalyst to start a Public Relations Company targeted on representing sportsmens in Russia. This is where she met Andrei Kirilenko, a NBA basketball player, whom she would later marry.Andrei's basketball career carried them to the U.S. and it is here that they started their family. Subsequently, after buying a new house in the US, Masha directed her energy and passion in style by opening a small specialty shop. With the growth of her American shop, Fleur De Lis, Masha introduced another emporium and showroom in Moscow, Russia called Made in USA. Integrating her knowledge in the Russian sector and her associations with the American Apparel Industry, Masha started creating distribution alliances with American Contemporary labels seeking entrance into the Russian market. Masha skillfully imported and offered desired labels, which had historically been inaccessible, to the developing Russian fashion industry for the subsequent seven years. During this time period Masha had two sons, Fedor and Stepan, and adopted Sasha, her little girl, from Russia.All the hard work and energy she exerted into endorsing different brands in Russia inevitably returned Masha to her beginnings and she blended PR, consulting, and individual fashion into one company called Fashion IQ, which she started in Moscow, Russia. Fashion IQ concentrated heavily on collaborations with highly respected Russian stylists, fashion designers, and has developed into an agency to consider in the Russian fashion business. In 2013 Masha decided to take Fashion IQ to New York City, where she currently resides with her husband and children. Featuring, this time around, a bold Moscovian viewpoint of fashion trend to the US trade. Masha plans on growing more and will release her most recent venture Fashion IQ NYC in May 2014.