Online safety

Tip 1-Never take anything from a troll

Cause the troll makes you give away personal informartion and is a not so good of a person

Tip 2-save all the messages

Save the messages from the bully and tell an adult

Tip 3-tell and adult

Tell an adult if you feel bullyed

Tip 4- If they the still contuine it tell the police

tell the police if the dont stopcause theyll countine it and the cops can stop it

tip 5-you never deservied anything get treated that way

you are never suppose to be treated that way

Carry on

tip 1-carry on

if your being botherd carry on dont let it bother you

tip 2-dont be a troll

a troll is when you or someone start bullying online or on a gaming site

tip 3-dont be mean

dont give mean comments or

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