By: Jordan Heinrichs

Hirohito- Emperor of Japan

  • Born: April 29, 1901
  • Died: 1989
  • Oldest son of Crown Prince Yoshihito
  • Ages 7 to 19 attended school
  • Instruction on military and religious matters
  • Married Princess Nagako and they had 7 children
  • "Showa" Hirohito's reign name

Hirohito Rising to Power

  • Hirohito's father was Emperor
  • His father became very sickā€¦ began taking control
  • Officially took emperor in 1926 at the death of his father
  • When he took over it was a time of democratic sentimentā€¦..
  • before it changed to nationalism and militarism

Crown Prince Yoshihito
Hirohito's Father

Rise of Japanese Militarism

  • Hirohito fired the Prime Minister in 1929
  • The next Prime Minister was shot and very wounded so..
  • Another Prime Minister was put in place
  • This one in 1932 was killed by a naval officer
  • Since those insidents almost every Prime Minister came from the military and NOT a political party

News Paper Article of the Assasination of Prime Minister

  • Along with Prime Ministers assasinations other political members were being killed during the pro-democracy movement
  • An attempt at killing Hirohito also happened but he survived the attempt

Rough Times

  • A worldwide Depression hit in 1929
  • This really hurt the economy of Japan
  • Other countries raised tariffs making trade very difficult
  • During the 1920s Japan was unable to earn enough money in their exports to pay for its imports
  • The Depression hit right after Japan suffered a major earthquake (Kanto) in 1923
  • Earthquake killed 100,000 people and left 63% of cities houses destroyed
  • Politicians took the heat from the military officers for the problems that Japan was having
  • Military leaders believed the only way for Japan to get the things they needed was by another country such as China
  • China and East Asia had the resources that Japan needed for their markets
  • 1931 Japan took over Manchuria in China
  • Manchuria had the resources Japan needed
  • To avoid war Japanese Prime Minister was going to negotiate with China but was killed before he could do that
  • From that point on Japan has been controlled by its military

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