“If you can’t swing then stop , rethink and try again.”

Strength in yself

I believe in the power of god ,

the power of a ball and a bat combined,

the love of family and friends,

the power of my peers to help me improve everything I do,

the strength to push through the hard times ,

sad times ,the power to believe in myself, the power to be me,

I don’t believe in the people who don't try.

I believe in trust,

I believe in truth,

I believe in friendship,

the power of my mind, I believe in my efforts, my accomplishments,

And I believe in achieving all I can in my lifetime.

Words I live my life by.

       My credo is “If you can’t swing then stop , rethink and try again.” This really means when something isn't working, don't give up. Just stop think about it and retry until you get it right. Even if it takes the longest time.

       I always heard this from my grandma. Everyday after kindergarten I would go outside and try to swing on my own. But I never could quite achieve it. After awhile I stopped trying and just gave up with all of it. My grandmother stopped me right when all of this happened and told me a quote that I will live by the rest of my life.

      These beliefs are important to me because they really teach me to strive for the best even if I wont have success the first few times. Its important to stick to my beliefs because if I don't then what am I supposed to live by. What rules and life lessons do I have to look forward to if I don't have my credo? I wouldn’t have any.

       I think my credo will always stay the same. No matter what my age may be. I can see it changing as far as if you don't get the job, don't quit. Keep trying to improve your effort because eventually you will succeed. This credo will shape my future by leading me to strive to do better and get better at what I do, that I will always do well at what I try.

       This credo has always stood out to me since day one. I wouldn't make anyone follow my credo, but they are welcome to it. It really helps me in times where I have it tough or don't do well on something. I think it would benefit others by letting them rethink the failures and turn them into positive thoughts that make them want to achieve the new tasks and strive for the best.

By Jacey Rich

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