9 Comma Rules

By: Alexa Z. and Gabriella C.

Here are 9 important comma rules!

Rule 1: When separating phrases that don't need to be there.

Example 1: My dog, Willow, is playful.

Rule 2: When linking 2 independent clauses with a conjunction.

Example 2: I want to eat pie, but I also want cake.

Rule 3: When addressing someone in particular.

Example 3: Lets go to dinner, Mom.

Rule 4: When making a list.

Example 4: When I go to the beach I bring a towel, a beach chair, and a sand bucket.

Rule 5: When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun.

Example 5: The cute, furry puppy was sleeping.

Rule 6: After introductory phrases or sentences.

Example 6: After I eat these cookies, I'll want more.

Rule 7: When you're naming dates.

Example 7: December 25, 2014

Rule 8: The ending of a letter.

Example 8: Merry Christmas! Love, Santa Claus

Rule 9: The name of a Geographic location.

Example 9: Gabriella and I live in Cumming, GA.

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