Guns of the 1600s

By: Logan Purvis

How did guns change the world during the 1600s?


1.) What was the most used gun in the 1600s? The most used gun during the 1600s would probably have to be the Flintlock Musket, because nearly 20,000 Flintlock Muskets were used in the 1600s.

2.) How were guns upgraded in the 1600s? Guns were upgraded in the 1600s by most guns being operated with a trigger and gun powder. So now it would be easier to fire a weapon and not have to light a fuse and wait for it to fire.

3.) What were the types of guns used during the 1600s? One gun that was the most used was the Flintlock Musket and this was a rifle. Another gun that was used was the Blunderbuss, and the Blunderbuss was a short gun that packed a lot of power. One more gun that I will tell you about is the Flintlock Pistol which is just a smaller version of the Flintlock Musket.

4.) Who invented the Blunderbuss? Their is no one person that invented the Blunderbuss, but it was invented by the Dutch. The Blunderbuss is also known as a combat shotgun.

5.) What if guns were never upgraded during the 1600s? If guns were never upgraded during the 1600s then their might not have been as many wars. Also maybe after awhile, guns might have been upgraded in the 1700s and today we might have older guns then what we have now. It would have been very different in the world today if guns were never upgraded during the 1600s. 


So basically guns changed the world during the 1600s by making it easier to fire guns. More wars were started, and more men were killed. Different guns were made and now today we have very high tech guns because they kept upgraded them and finding different ways to make them, or fire them. Guns required less skill than swords and a bow & arrow, etc. Guns were starting to be used in sports and contests around the world. So this is basically most of the information that made the world change during the 1600s.

Main guns used in the 1600s


Flintlock Musket

Flintlock Pistol

Did You Know...?

  • The Flintlock Musket can only shoot up to 50 meters
  • The Flintlock Muskets rate of fire 2-3 rounds a minute
  • The word Blunderbuss means "Thunder Box"
  • The Blunderbuss is still around today
  • Every Flintlock Pistol is approximately 6 inches
  • Some soldiers carried 2 Flintlock Pistols, just in case

How To Load A Flintlock Weapon

First you will need to push the striker forward and pour a small amount of powder in the flash pan. Then you will need to push the striker back in to position to cover the flash pan. Hold the musket with the muzzle pointing up. After that pour the rest of the powder into the barrel of the muzzle. Then insert the lead ball into the barrel. Push the cartridge paper into the barrel. Remove the ramrod from its storage under the pipe beneath the barrel and use it to push the cartridge paper and the ball down the barrel. Replace the ramrod in the storage pipe. That is how you load a Flintlock weapon.

What Were Some Guns Used Before Flintlock Weapons?

Some guns that were used before Flintlock weapons were  Matchlock, and Wheellock.

Matchlock Pistol

Wheellock Pistol

Firelock Pistol

My Blunderbuss


What I used to make this model Blunderbuss was mostly cardboard, duck tape, and super glue. Then I added details with a marker.