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Kush, the golden kingdom

(1600 B.C.E -1100 B.C.E)
Kush Trade
Kush had a excellent location of trade, that made it an important trading center. Kush linked central and southern Africa to Egypt. All this trading also made the golden kingdom have a great quantity of goods.

(730 B.C.E-650 B.C. E.)
Kush Conquers Egypt
When Egypt fell into political chaos Kush took advantage of their weakness. Kushite armies invaded Egypt. After conquering Egypt, Kush now extended 1,500 miles.

(590 B.C.E-410 B.C.E.)

Kush Now Produces Iron

Meroƫ had everything needed to produce iron. It had a rich supply of iron deposits. Ironworkers in Kush made several things just like: crafting weapons such as spears, arrows, and swords. They also created tools to make farming easier.

(300 B.C.E-350 B.C.E)

Kush Defeats Rome

The Romans had taken over Egypt and now they wrer demanding tribute from Kush. Kush did not agree and attacked against Egypt. After three years of fierce fighting, Rome signed a peace treaty with Kush.

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