1,000 years in a game

Courtney Kruger April 16, 2014

It's ironic

how we laugh at the little kids

stumbling around the field,

with a soccer ball

bigger than their dreams,

when we were there once,


And it's ironic

how we're so persistent now,

and never satisfied.

We spend eternity working,

hundreds of hours running the same drills,

But these fields have felt

the beating of rain

and the pounding of cleats,

yet they stay.

They've seen games lost,

34  to 12,

yet they stay.

They don't stress about

points on a board.

Each game is a second passing to them,

when it's a lifetime to us.

And it's ironic

how they don't feel the loss

they don't walk away

with their voices whispering in a disappointed wave,

because they see how far we've come,

not how far we have to go.

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