French Newsletter, le 22 avril
Bonne journée de la Terre!

Café photo taken by J. Starmer

Prepositions are always challenging in another language. This image gives a quick review of some French ones and how they're used:

Knowing what some common prefixes mean can help you decipher the meaning of new words:

You may know how to describe a person, but do you know vocabulary for describing animals?

Wanting to send some SMS (textos...AKA text messages) en français? These expressions incorporate numbers:

Get in some listening practice while learning about the history of gloves (les gants).  The text is transcribed below the audio so you can follow along or check your comprehension.

Stromae has become an international singing sensation. His latest video makes a statement on social media.

Read about the "Father of modern algebra"!

On a lighter note, see if you agree with the readons why Mulan is Disney's best heroine:

Coca-Cola may be ubiquitous in France now, but that wasn't always the case. This short history of the introduction of Coke to France is interesting, but the photos are even better--definitely worth a look!

Do you think you know French cuisine? Take this test to find out:

Travel to a Paris quartier....drawn entirely by hand: