What are my thoughts on the section "Our Brain On Habits?"

My Thoughts about this thing called "Basal Ganglia" or so called the thing that allows the brain to collect habits weather good or bad, is super interesting.  Now the reason I say its interesting well, because when you think deeply about the habits you or someone you know has weather good or bad habits you would think wow the brain controls all the habits that people endure so hard to break, The brain controls the body which controls the way people think and act correct? then Why are people addicted to drugs so easily and choose the wrong instead of the right?.

A.Identify a habit you would like to correct

Well a habit i would like to break is making stupid decisions that are going to effect my future, I see life as a bunch of jelly beans and eventually the jelly beans are going to run out and the days will be lost so I need to keep my head on straight.

B. What is the particular habit's Cue?

According to Duhigg, a cue is “a trigger" right? well theres only one thing that can really trigger the way I think and thats my mind. In order to keep strong both physically and mentally you need to work your mind, train it to do right and not wrong.

What is this particular habit's Routine?

The Routine? well there really is no Routine I never repeat an activity twice if I hurt myself because I know that if I try it again then theres gonna be panic involved when you panic you lose control of your body and mind when you lose control of the body you get hurt if you get hurt you end up in the hospital.

What is the particular habit's Reward?

Well Like i just said Its gonna keep me alive and keep my bones unbroken and strong. You have to add the scientific method to the way you think all the time. eventually you will figure out answers to the questions that are asked in time.

What is my plan to correct this habit?

Just think smarter be one step ahead of everyone even myself. Your mind is your weapon yet it may not be able to shoot bullets with your mind but you can out think disaster before it happens. And thats what life is all about being one step ahead of those who can't think. when mother nature steps in and tells you no its your time you respond a step ahead of that keep you mind open and live longer.

What is a positive habit you would like to create? what is my plan to make this habit?

I want to make a habit of becoming smarter in different ways then others. I don't want to just be book smart and street smart, I want to know all the un answered questions that this world has to offer. Helping people is a good habit to have because it earns you friendship and trust. when people start to trust you enough then you become a step ahead of bad habits. when you get better friends then bad habits fall off the schedule and new ones fill in for those bad habits.

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