By: McKinley H.

Fishing Passion Project

This topic is important to me because I love to fish and it is one of my greatest passions

Which fishing line holds up better mono or braid?

Mono is better because its easier to tie knots and to cut. So for beginners it would be easier for them to use. Because they might just be starting out and might not know how to tie knots very well. Mono would make it easier for them and it would be easier to cut also.

Which is better live bait or fake bait?

Live bait is more effective because its similar texture,smell,and color so it triggers the bass to eat the live bait. Also the live bait well catch bigger and better fish so u will have a better time fishing and catching bigger fish.

What's better baitcaster or spinning reel?

Spinning reel because you can have more finesse. So it makes the bait do more stuff which attracts fish and you get more bites and makes your fishing trip better. You also might catch bigger and better fish.

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