Construction Progress At Lewis and Clark

By Rachel Kim

How the Construction Started

People in Liberty voted and passed the levee to raise taxes for Liberty Schools and with the levee money, they started the expansions to some schools. Lewis and Clark being one of the school along with Kellybrook, EPIC, Shoal Creek, and Warren Hills.  

The Finished Product

What the construction is going to look like in the end is it has five classrooms. Four for classes, and one collaborative space in the middle. Fifth grade is going to be in those classrooms. It will also have a set of bathrooms. Constructions is supposed to be done by the start of the new school year.

The Beginning

The construction started off with planning the design. After that, they dug up the concrete and made the ground flat. Once they had done that, they poured down the foundation and smoothed it out. The foundation was made out of concrete.

Putting Up the Frame and Wall

When they were done with the foundation, they started to put up the frame. The frame is in which the weight is carried by the framework and it goes around the outside. After the frame was done, they put up dry wall and that surrounded the whole frame. Then, they put brick around the dry wall like the rest of the building.      

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The Interior

Once they were officially done with the wall, they went to work on the inside. They put in the venting and electricity to. The classrooms have a sliding door connecting two classroom so one teacher can teach both classrooms at once. Right now they are starting to paint and put carpet in. Then they will do some other things and add the finishing touches.

Collaborative space.

Underneath the light, there is going to be a sliding door.