Cell Analogy

An animal cell is very much like a school...


Cell membranes are like security offices because they boothcontrol what goes in and out.

The classrooms of a school are like cytoplasm because they fill up space between structures.

The nucleus is like an attendance office because it manages the cell functions like an office manages who's at school.

Mitochondria processes energy, which could be compared to how the main office controls school activities.

The endoplasmic reticulum is like the hallways because its a network of compartments in cell.

Ribosomes assemble proteins which is similar to how the lunch ladies assemble food to give protein.

The golgi apparatus is like the school generator because it distributes power like the golgi distributes lipids.

The lysosomes digest excess or worn out cell parts like a janitor cleans the school

Peroxisomose are like the nurses office because they both help to fight off toxins in the cell/body

The flagella helps to move through the cell as students move through a school.

The centrioles are the organizing centers like the teachers organize classes.

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