Marketing our County - Mrs. Redford

Henrico County is located in the Richmond area of central Virginia. Henrico County actually "hugs" around the City of Richmond, the Capital of Virginia.

Henrico County covers approximately 245 square miles and as of the census in 2010 there 306,935 residents. Henrico County is considered a suburb since the city of Richmond is so close. Their are many business opportunities. Henrico County is home to one of the largest cigarette manufacturers, Altria. They manufacture many other products as well. There are a large number of hospitals and medical parks. Henrico is also home to Genworth Financial for over a 130 years.


The county of Henrico is the only county in Virginia to use a County Manager form. They have an elected Board of Supervisors which handle policy making. Then there is an appointed County Manager which is the administrative head of government. The current County Manager of Henrico is John Vithoulkas. He is responsible for executing policies established by the Board of Supervisors. Advising the Board on issues residents may have. He also is responsible for the counties budget.

Citizens are represented by an elected School Board and by elected members of the Virginia General Assembly and also Congress. There is a legislative team that serves as the primary advocate for the United States Congress and federal agencies and the Virginia General Assembly, Governors office and state agencies on behalf of the County. The Judicial Branch is divide into three courts, Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile Court.


Division of Fire

  • Provides fire prevention
  • suppression
  • emergency medical


  • Budgeting
  • Business Licenses
  • Real Estate assessment

Eastern Government Center

  • Provides zoning
  • building construction
  • drainage


Department of Social Services

  • Provides food stamps for the hungry
  • helps pay rent
  • provides medical insurance for poverty level residents

Mental Health and Development Services

  • provides mental health services
  • intellectual services
  • substances abuse services

Child Protection Services

  • Helps protect children from abuse
  • Tries to keep families together
  • places children that cannot remain in their family unit


  • The first records of population in 1790 was 8,239 and now it is 306,935
  • Henrico was the scene of the second settlement in the colony and was established in 1634.
  • Original they were called shires and not colonies.
  • 400 years ago Pocahontas lived in Henrico County

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