Iraq Water Case Study

Why Iraq deserve more water from Turkey and Syria

Part One: Population

Syria, Turkey, and Iraq's 2014 population graph

This graph shows that Turkey has the largest population, Iraq has the second largest, and Syria has the smallest.

Syria, Turkey, and Iraq's projected population growth.

Turkey still has the largest population growth, but Iraq has a boost in population from 2030 to 2050. Syria also is projected to have a larger population but Turkey and Iraq has the most population so they ma ybe should get more water.

Changes in Iraq's population

Iraq may need more water but Turkey and Syria get a little less.

Changes in regions population

As Iraq's population increases they will request for more water making countries angrier. The large the population the more they will request and want more water.

Part II: Water Availability and Use

Total Renewable and Total Water Withdrawal

Total Renewable vs Total Withdrawal

About 75 cubic kris water that is replaced as quickly as it is used and Iraq uses about 43 cubic km of renewable and non renewable water sources.

Internal vs External

Internal renewable water and external renewable water comparison

Internal vs External

This shows that Iraq gets more water from outside their country then from inside.

Part II conclusion

Iraq doesn't get a whole lot of water withdrawal. Also, Iraq probably gets a good portion of its water from rain and the internal and external waters factored in the water withdrawal.

Water Needs

Water use for agriculture, industry, and domestic

Percentage of water use for agriculture, industry, and domestic.

Lush fields. Iraq uses most of their water for agriculture.

Water use for agriculture, I dustry, and domestic

I think the most pressing water needs are for agriculture because they use the most water for it.

Part III conclusion

Iraq's economy probably is more agricultural based and Iraq may need a lot of water for their crops.

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