Everything UNC

these uniforms show a difference in color
This building shows symmetry
the basketball stadium shows form
the vertical lines of the bell tower show line
the constant camo in the jerseys show pattern
the UNC logo in the middle of the field shows point
the structure of the old well shows shape
the area around #43 shows negative space and the actual athlete is positve space
The sign of this building shows texture
the darkness of the the well and the light in the back show value
the fog around the rest of the players puts emphasis on the flag and #25
the all white background puts allows contrast to clearly see the american flag
these lacrosse shorts show a random rhythm
Though it is a larger mascot the head shows proportion to the rest of the body
the picture shows unity by showing completeness of the whole photograph
this is an economy image of the old well
this is a symbol or unc
this is a graphic design of unc
this landscape has an aesthetic appearance to it
this shows gestalt by showing the full object then looking at the individual parts

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