They Call Her Queen Maddog

(about my sister)

by Isabelle Williams

They call her Queen Maddog.
Why? Because she's a diva.
Why is Maddog a diva?
I've yet to figure that out.
She probably gets it from my grandma.
I think it's really weird.

The queen is complicated.
That's a simple way to put it.
She has her "the way things should be."
And her "the way things need to be."

If there is a way things should be,
it'd be "Issa, you could wear different shoes with that."
If there is a way things need to be,
it'd be "Issa, you know you're not about to wear that top with those shorts!"

My best friend's dad is one of her teachers.
During "Team Sports" at school,
he'll saunter in, "Okay guys, hockey today!"
I can just picture her reply..


If I'm at home, trying to relax..
"Issa! Get me a cup of coffee!"
If I could just tiptoe past her..
"Issa! Come here real quick!"
If I just sit down with a good book in hand..
"Hey Issa! Wanna do me a favor?"

I don't respond.. maybe if I pretend not to hear..


Hey, they don't call her a queen for nothing.

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