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Coral Reef Ecosystem

List Of Biotic Things

Sea Fans, Blue Spine, Faisua (Giant Clams), Clown Fish (Nemo), Sea Turtle, and Algae

List Of Abiotic Things

Warm Water, Cold Water, Sun, Oxygen, Sand, and Rock

Carrying Capacity: The number of people, other living organisms, or crops that a region can support without environmental degradation.

In the Coral Reef, if coral reefs were to die, that would make shelter of all the animals living in the reef for shelter die, they would die because they would have no shelter to live in.

Healthy Coral                                                                                                      Dead Coral

Limiting Factors: Resources or environmental conditions that limit the growth, abundance, or distribution of an organism or a population of organisms in an ecosystem.

Climate change (biggest limiting factor)

Coastal Clearing

Road Construction


Energy Roles

1) The Producer of the coral reef is the algae, or sea weed

2) The Primary Consumer of the coral reef is Scarsdale, or Clown fish

3) The secondary consumer is Carnax Ignobilis, or the Sea bass

4) The Tertiary Consumer is the Reef shark, the Hammer head shark

Producers get their energy from the sun, photosynthesis. Without the Producers, their would not be life, no oxygen, or food provided for the coral reef food web.

Food Chains and Foodwebs

Producers/ Herbivores/ Omnivores/ Carnivores/ Decomposers/ Scavengers

Food chains go in one straight line with one specific animals food chain, a food web connects with more organisms, a wider variety.

If we were to takeout a population in an ecosystem, it would fall apart, depending on what I took out, if I took out a producer, everything would die, but if I were to take out a tertiary population, the secondary consumer would be massive, the food supplies would be shrinking of what the secondary consumer eats.

Tropic Levels and Energy Pyramids

BOTTOM --------------PRODUCER-100%



TOP -----------------TERTAIRY CONSUMER-0.1%

A pyramid shows how the percentage of energy gets smaller as it goes up the food web.

Producers are the largest level because they get the most energy, and the top predators, get less energy.


PHOTOSYNTHESIS FORMULA = 6cO2+h---------->c6 h12 o6+o2

When photosynthesis occurs, water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide, are needed for photosynthesis to occur. The plant gets energy from the sunlight and water, and takes in carbon dioxide, and releases its waste = o2.{oxygen}

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast of the plant.

This is the energy transformation in photosynthesis.


Tropisms: are directional movement responses that will occur in response to a directional stimulus.

Thigmatropism- tropisms that moves in a way, if you touch them, or attach to one item and grow up the item, like vines, they could wrap themselves upon another thing.


Phototropism- the tropism, that moves in a direction of light as radiant energy, photosynthesis.



Without tropisms, the animals, in the coral reef could not have a home such as coral or have food such as algae.

The Role Of Decomposers

Without Decomposers, all there will be is waste and will build up and take over the beautiful natural habitat

In my ecosystem you could find snails, sand worms, sea cucumbers, and even more, which are all decomposers.

Here's my EXAMPLE

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