About bulling:
Kids are being bullied to mush one thin that's going on is cyber bullying but i will not be talking about cyber bullying that much.Ill have to say ive been friends with a bully by a bully even been bullied  this is coming from me and my experience,and im here to help you stop bullying or stop people from getting bullied.Know here is some information from the text.One this is for the bully's look at the effect on the person your bullying just be nice and be respectful.So what i will be doing is talking about bullying around the world.

I think we need to stop bullying by standing up for the people that are being bullied  all you need to remember is that could of been you getting bullied how would you feel if you were getting bullied and know one would stick up for you.when you're getting bullied all you need to know is if someones getting bullied step in or get a teacher.This is important because people our getting heart by this and kids our getting there feelings heart most kids don't want to go to school the next day.But one type of bullying is way worse that is cyber bullying.Cyber bullying is when you're being tricked or more known as bullied on the internet thats all i really know about cyber bullying.
This matters because people our being heart by this why because all the mean stuff these bullies say to them ive been bullied and i'm going to tell you what the best thing to do if you or a friend or family member is getting bullied. How To Stop Bullying Number one:Visit the principle and tell your parents or grandparents.
Number two:don't let him bother you always have a friend by your side whenever you're close to the bully.
Number three:avoid him or her whatever she or he says don't let it bother you.
And lastly Number four:When ever you think your ready call or talk to the bully and tell him how you feel about it.
Summary:What i will be talking about is bullying.I've been finding articles for my research now here is my Summary about bullying.People get heart by bullies Ella says she said she was bullied in middle school i don't know why people our being bullied but i'm going to try my best to find a way to stop it.I think we need better security in school and better laws or have more kids stick up for people that our getting bullied just step in and help if they need it.Manly bullying happens at school not so much out side of life but the place where you mostly get bullied is on electronics mostly on the web.
What i think we need to do to stop bullyingWhat we need to do is get more security cameras,stand up and tell the teachers what is going on,stay away from the bully,work hard in school and dont worry about were the bully is and what he is doing.
opinion My opinion about bullying is… I think its wrong i don't know why people do it but its not a very nice thing to do but i really want to try and stop it.

Links for my research -http://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/-http://www.stampoutbullying.co.uk/things_by_you/stories/Alex

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