A Few Useful Tips on Getting Your First Rental Apartment

There are thousands of reasons for a young person to feel the need of moving out and getting a rental house. This action could be provoked by a change of location when studying or working in another town or undertaken when trying to settle down with a boyfriend. It's better to try living together as a first step before things get too serious and conversations about kids occur.

If the reason for you to rent a dwelling is a university situated in a different town, the first thing you need to consider is whether you'll feel better living all alone or with a roommate ( a friend or a colleague). On the one hand, living with someone will cut your costs in half, but on the other hand cohabitation with another person can spoil your relations or can lead to lack of good quality sleep.

For example, when my cousin went to study in another city she had no other choice but to live with two other girls for financial reasons and couldn't live there more than four months. All this resulted to her interrupting the University and returning to her home town- Melbourne. This experience caused her troubled sleep and she had to visit psychologist for a couple of months in order to be able to get over the stress. Her roommates were extremely irritating, drinking beer all the time and leaving dirty plates on the toilet lid. They are more of the party animal type of people, while she is calm, tidy and loves reading books on quiet places. Living with people who are not in your intellectual and cultural level can turn into hell. So carefully consider all possible options before taking any action.

A new job as a reason for renting an apartment is quite alike the university one with the only difference that people with a regular job should be more sedate, seeking serious things and a career. It is assumed that when reaching this stage of life you will have enough finances to live alone (without a roommate). In this case I would recommend you to consider the option of buying a mortgaged property. But don't take this step if you are not one hundred per cent sure that you love your job and that you would like to settle down in this particular city.

The third thing that can make you start renting is a serious boyfriend or girlfriend. I will give my relationship as an example. Me and my boyfriend are originally from one town but he currently studies in another one, which is and the reason why we see each other rarely. This and many other reasons led me to the thought of separation. It was the end of the academic year and he was about to return home. But this couldn't motivate me enough to stay together because he was starting a full time job which meant that we were about to see each other even more rarely than before and I didn't think that we should continue this difficult and absurd relationship.

Then he suggested renting a dwelling together so that we could see each other more often and try living together to see what happens. The good thing is that after living with someone then you realise if you have a future together or not. Because if you can't live with the person, for what future and children are we talking about? It's important for every couple to learn how to make compromises.

Have you ever dared to search for a property on your own? There are many people out there waiting to deceive you. If you are looking for a quality residence, work with a trusted real estate agency. The most important thing for me and my boyfriend was the location. This combined with a certain financial limit resulted in a compromise with the size of the property.

The apartment is in the centre of Melbourne, near my office and everything needed for a household and for entertainment is in the neighbourhood. I can even go to work by foot. The best part of all is that the dwelling is new, unfurnished and nobody lived there before us. The landlord agreed to let me furnish the apartment to my taste. This made me really happy because living in an environment matching your personal style will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Being an interior designer, I was more than happy to handle the choice of furniture and decoration while my landlord prepared the property for lease. We agreed that entrusting the furniture assemblance to a qualified company would save us time and guarantee a care-free moving experience.

Whichever of the situations I told you about you are facing, think complex and consider the possible results of your actions in a future plan. Don't get too excited because this whole experience may end in wrong decisions and regrets.

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