American Culture: KnuteTaylor

American culture is a mixture of different communities with different ethnicities. Full of different rules, and traditions, but it's all mixed into one. America is trying to be the culture that is accepting of new and old things together as one. American culture wants to be a free culture. Culture Vs. Society: An american society is one of similar cultures. Like they maybe connect with ethnicity or gender, but have different cultural backgrounds in some ways.

Emile Durkheim

Durkheim was a sociologist who studied how groups/individuals work together to make a stable social system. Examples would be, how people react in school. How you and all your friends react to each other in one room. Emile Durkheim was a french sociologist.

Herbert Spencer

Herbert studied sociology in way differently then Emile, Herbert studied how people act individually, called social darwinism. Social darwinism is survival of the fittest, who can do what the best. Herbert was an  english sociologist.

Karl Marx

Marx studied the structure of sociology and the division between rich and poor. He studied the difference on how people acted with a lot of money verses without as much. He was a sociologist in Germany.

A Functionalist Perspective is the idea that everyone depends on everyone. Everything that you do also effects others. Your job, how you treat it, and how you spend your money. Decisions are made together and achieved together. Functionalists don't like social change, and defend the statues quo. (The way things are presently.)

The Conflict Perspective is the exact opposite of the functionalist perspective. They see the rich and powerful as the force of social order in the poor. Conflict perspectives encourage social change and challenge the status quo. Like one of the examples given was a college may raise tuition to pay for a new program. Not worrying about the students, but just trying to update the school.

American value their families in todays society. Big or small, families are important, they are the people you grow up with, the people who make you who you are today. Families are viewed as their foundation, without them, many people don't know where they would be.

Folkways are social norms. May or may not have a consequence but all have been down in the culture. For example, picking your nose. Everyone's down it before in they're life. We all know it's gross so we grow out of when we get older.

Language, all cultures have a language. The American culture speaks english. While Mexican culture normally speak spanish.

Symbol is something that represents or stands for something. Like the @ sign. You can use it in a sentence, "The game is @ 7 tonight."

Norm, something that is followed in a smaller culture. Like rules in a school, or rules in your house. Examples would be, the dress code at your school, or table manners at your home.

Mores are rules that are really enforced in a community. Like speeding, you can get high fines for speeding while driving your car.

Cultural trait would be a home. American's all have homes wether big or small. A culture pattern would also be a home, everyone has something the call home and live in with their family. A home can also be a material culture. Everyones home shows the culture they grew up with. Wether its a cross hanging on the wall, to a straw bed.. Which also brings me to non material cultures, the cross hanging on the wall represents christianity.

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