what is the an alternative fuel? An alternative fuel other than gasoline for powering motor vehicles, such as natural gas.

give three example of alternatives fuels.

heating,oil,hulls,traditional energy

what is biomass? The total mass of organisms in a given area or volume.

Give three examples of biomass fuels.:Firewood, Methane, and Alcohol.

What are the four types of biomass that can be converted into alternative fuels?Wood, solid waste, landfill gas and alcohol fuels.

what is bioenergy?it is a renewable energy produce by living organism.

What is biodiesel fuel? What is it made from? biodiesel is a domestically produced renewable fuel that cane be manufactured from vegetable oils and animal fats

What is ethanol? What is it made from? ethanol is a renewable domestically produced alcohol fuel made from plant material such as corn sugar or gasses

What is methanol? What is it made from? methanol is  an industrial chemical that can also be used as fuel can be made from a wide variety of source materials.

How is biomass converted to ethanol? Biomass is material from living or recently-living organisms. It is considered a renewable energy source.

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