The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Leroy Valdez

Before reading The gardener , I thought the book was gonna be about a gardener gardening.

evolution is something that changes and evolves in The Gardener , evolution is important because that all that happens in the book.

a heterotroph is something that needs other nutrients to live, in The Gardener, they talk about heterotrophs because the were saying we are gonna end up running out of nutrients because we are heterotrophs.

photosynthesis is where plants use carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis is important in the Gardener because the kids are becoming photosynthesis where they don't need food.

Autotrophs are organisms that feed off other organisms.  Autotrophs are important in The Gardener because that race of humans is going to end up extinct.

1. Why doesn't the dad want the son to know he is his father.

2. Why does the girl only wake up to the video.

1. Because the mom didn't want the son around the experiment.

2. They each got played a bedtime story and hers what the story the son had.                                          

The setting wash nelly falls, Washington, trodyne, Portland Oregon. All these places were in the story.  

One of the ethical issues in the gardener is weather or not it's right to do experiments on humans. I think it's wrong because kids should learn how to live life. In the gardener the experiments are good cause it will save human race.

Climate change is where it goes from hot to cold. It's a problem cause it changing to fat and it's getting colder and hotter.

The food crisis is where there is t enough food to feed everybody. It's a problem because people are dying.

The song " dear future generation, sorry" is about us being sorry for ruining the world and out next gen.

Climate change leads to food crisis. When the climate changes it kills plants and food that we use and eat.

Both gardener by S. A. Bodeen and "dear future generations, sorry" deal with the common theme of us running out of food and ruined plants and trees and the world.

The karner blue is a blue butterfly that lays it's eggs on dry dirt. The problem with laying the eggs there is when the wether climate changes it can get to cold or really hot. In the gardener, we see the karner blue butterfly and how they are being extinct. If we compare humans to the karner blue butterfly we will both be extinct because of lack of food and for the butterflies the climate change.

in both the gardener by S. A. Bodeen and "dear future generations, sorry" by prince E. A. The authors discuss humans being extinct. This is seen  in the gardener when they start to build humans that don't need food. Also in " dear future generations, sorry" when he was talking about us ruining the world and our next generation. The authors think this will happen and we are destroying this world that's how they think of This topic. It's was correct because out world is being destroyed and we all are going to be extinct.

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2 years ago

Both the song and the stories were really good