6MEH.I.I The Decision Making Mode

You have a huge incomplete project due Monday, and your cousin just asked you to go camping all weekend.

Step 1. State the situation.Your cousin just asked you to go camping all weekend

Step 2. List the options. You could tell your cousin that you can't go camping with him. Or you could just fail the project and go have fun camping over the weekend.

Step 3. Weigh the possible outcomes. Your cousin could ask someone else to go with him and you go another time. Or he could wait till. the next weekend.

Step 4. Consider Values.  You need a 100 to get a decent grade on your report card.

Step 5. Make a decision and act on it. I would go camping because I make decent grades and a zero wouldn't bring me down a lot.

Step 6. Evaluate the Decision. The teacher gave me more time because my parent wrote her a noted.

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