First choice Travel & Tours (FCTT) has been a small part of the travel industry since May, 2004.

To be a legally operated travel agency in North America and many other International countries. A travel agency must be licence through IATA. What is IATA, IATA is International Air Transport Association, that is a trade association of the world’s airlines. These 250 airlines(as of 2012), primarily major carriers, carry approximately 84% of total air traffic. IATA supports airline activity and helps formulate industry policy and standards. It’s Canadian headquartered in Montreal, Canada with Executive Offices in Geneva, Switzerland.IATA accreditation is a seal of approval recognized worldwide. We are committed to working with all travel agencies to improve customer service and choice.

Philip Bender of Calgary, Alberta, Canada started First Choice Travel & Tours with the purpose in trying to promote more Canadians to experience culture and meet the local people of that destination. We all vacation for different reason, although as a travel consultant we are here to help you in ways to make your vacation more enjoyable.

We have always been a full service travel agency providing the best service we can, for the best value for all travelers. It is impossible to be a specialist for all travel so we provide the best suppliers for the places that you want to travel and experience.

Note we can add a picture, International travelers( Maybe a Canadian picture and on one from SE Asia.

As a full service travel agency we have been providing domestic and international flights, cruises, package travel and tours, to many countries in the world.

In the new age of travel, the travel agencies have upgraded to website travel and bookings. This is the reason many of the smaller travel agencies have been closed, sold or been taken over by the bigger companies. The websites that we are seeing are very limited and very often you need to go to 2 or 3 websites to find the information that you are looking for. FCTT did not want to provide this type of service until we could find something much better.

We at FCTT are now in the process of providing a website that has the high standards that we wanted. We will continue to upgrade and provide a safe, user friendly website.

We at FCTT have always been a company is a strong believer in team work. Working to together with all to provide a service that is wanted and needed for all, the provider and the user. A website that you will want to share with all of your friends.

We are always looking for people who want to be on our team, our family. We are now lucky to have found a person who wants to join with us and help FCTT to move up to the next level. It will take time to achieve this goal, and provide a service to the traveler. This has always been our goal and have been waiting to achieve it.

First Choice Travel and Tours Mission Statement includes 4 Important Words - Love! Trust! Faith! and Sharing!
Love in helping introduce you to new and interesting destinations
Trust in helping provide travel that is enjoyable and one to remember
Faith in helping you with the service you want
Sharing –your smile, the gift of communication with each other

First Choice Travel & Tours

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