Hi, my name is Cordell

I want you to learn all about me:)

  I have been in PALCS for 3 years. I love going to the library in Adamstown to search all kinds of nonfiction books that is all about animals.  I do have a dog named Princess Laya.  She is 4 years old.  She is mixed with a Fox Hound and Jack Russel Terrier.  She is Tan and White.  She has a dot that is tan.  It looks like a dot of paint on her forehead.  The 2 Guinea Pigs are named Sophie and Cheeky.  My sister's name is Emily and her Guinea Pig is Sophie.  Mine is Cheeky.  I can not believe that every time Cheeky has her picture taken she has red eyes.  My sister, Emily is 10, and I am 12.  Sophie is 8 months and Cheeky is 10 months.  We got them in May.

That is a little bit about me:)

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