Being a Scientist is Fun Work

Charles Darwin is one of the greatest scientists and came up with the theory of evolution. The children's book What Darwin Saw the Journey that Changed the World is about the trip Darwin took when he was 22 where he collected the data that lead him to the theory of evolution. The Book follows along as he travels to places like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, And back to London. During his journey to these places Darwin is always making observations and asking questions of the things he saw and experienced.

Darwin himself in the book is presented as always smiling and having a good time. Even toward the end of the book when Darwin is explaining why he wanted to avoid prejudice of his book he looks happy or amused. I think the book is portraying being a scientist is a fun job where you get to play with animals and sail around the world. When it shows Darwin working he has a giant smile on his face.

The first thirty six pages of the book cover his entire voyage where he gathered his information and observations. Only the last ten pages of the book are used for covering the theory and some of the resistance he received. Every place he traveled he collected samples and observed all he could. Not only did he observe animals he also observed terrain and the natural geography of that place. He observed earthquakes, volcanoes, and glaciers. This information helped Darwin think about why certain animals where different from each other. I like how the book does this to show that the theory wasn’t just from observing animals but their surroundings as well.

The Animals in the book are all very big compared to anything else on the page. They have goofy expressions on their faces corresponding to whatever is going on around them. Many of the animals depicted are brightly colored and exotic. The Book isn’t shy about showing animals being captured, attacked or even dead. It even covers some fossils from prehistoric animals that helped Darwin formulate questions about evolution and why these animals are extinct.

Other people in the book are not always presented in the best of light. Darwin talks about meeting native people and how barbaric they are comparing them to animal. The book also touches on slavery in two places talking about how people round up native Indians as slaves. It also talks about the Argentinian army hunting down and killing the plains Indians. The two people in the book that oppose the theory are the ship’s captain of the boat Darwin was on and a bishop. The Ship’s Captain was holding a Bible and the Bishop is a religious figure both shown in bad light for opposing the theory.

The book does a good job of making the scientist the good guy and making science look fun. The book is fun for the most part helping to explain the theory of evolution and how Darwin came to these conclusions.