Civil War

Rosie wonders
Age 19

My name is Rosie Taylor and I'm 19 years old. I live in the North with my husband Edward Taylor, 22, he is in the war. We have one child and she is one month old. Her name is Adeline Taylor. My brother is William Wonders, 25 and my sister is Danielle Wonders, 23 moved away from everything, they started their own family's. My dad, Nathaniel P. Banks is 38 years old he died in the war and my mom, 34 works at home to keep everything clean. I have two step sisters, Isabelle Smith, Annabelle Lynch. We haven't seen each other since the war started. I loved spending time with Adeline. She would keep me company when I was done with everything and their was no one to talk to. When the war is over he will get to come home and meet Adeline.

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