Haiti in the 1970's...
Between 1957 and 1986, when the Duvaliers ruled Haiti, the political persecution caused a lot of Haitians to move to other countries.
By Kiara Perrault

   In the years between the 1957's and 1986's, there was a guy named François Duvalier and he ruled Haiti. He was known as Papa Doc and he was very mean and cruel. When Papa  Doc was ruling, his government was terrible, his policies really affected the people of Haiti, and the events led a lot of people to leaven Haiti.

   Papa Doc and his son had a bad government when they were president. In the families 30 years of power, they stole approximately $900 million from the Haitian state. The impact this had on Haiti was they lost a lot of money therefore becoming poor. A quote from countrystudies.us states "Manufacturing became the most dynamic sector in Haiti during the 1970's as the country's abundant supply of low-cost labor stimulated the growth of assembly operations." This quote is telling us that when they were running low on supplies, the population would decrease.More evidence is in Wikipedia it says "His rule, based on a purged military, a rural militia known as the Tonton Macoute, and the use of a personality cult and voodoo, resulted in the murder of an estimated 30,000 Haitians and the exile of many more." Papa Doc was a very selfish and cruel man.

   Their policies really affected the people of Haiti. In Wikipedia it says "Duvalier employed intimidation, repression and patronage to supplant the old mulatto elites with a new elite of his own making. Corruption — in the form of government rake-offs of industries, bribery, extortion of domestic businesses, and stolen government funds — enriched the dictator's closest supporters." People weren't very happy with the choices Papa Doc  made. The effects usually made they probably poor because they lost their jobs.

   A lot of people left Haiti and moved to New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. According to the article Haiti-Migration, it says "An estimated 1 million people left Haiti between 1957 and 1982." This quote tells me that since a bunch of people were leaving in that time period it should have been for a certain reason and since it was around the time that the Duvalier's were president, i can infer this was why they left.

   In Conclusion, Papa Doc and Baby Doc had a really bad affect on Haiti. Haitians really hated Papa Doc. At one point they tried to overthrow Duvalier. Papa Doc's government was frightful, his rules had a major impact on the people of Haiti, and a lot of people started to flee Haiti.


This is a picture of Jean-Claude (Baby Doc).

When Franois Duvalier died of natural causes in 1971, his 19 year old son Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, took his place. The effect this caused was having Haiti still be under their power so they still didn't fully have their freedom. According to telegraph.co.uk website, it states "The country was asked to endorse Jean-Claude as his heir, and in 1971 Haitians approved his selection with a vote of 2,391,916 to one." This quote shows that the Haitians said that baby doc should replace his father and inherit his possessions which includes being the president.

This is a picture of Papa Doc welcoming a Guatemalan ambassador to Haiti.

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