Welcome To Taiwan

Have you ever thought about traveling to Taiwan? It is a beautiful country with many interesting attractions. Taiwan has so much culture and diversity, that if you were to travel here you'd learn so much information. I always think about my city, my state, my continent, and how well my country is developed. Although, I have never had the chance to think about other countries, such as Taiwan. I have so many questions and mainly wonder, "What's life like in Taiwan?"


General Information

Capital: Taipei

Population: 23,359,928

Country's GDP per capita: $39,600

Country's GDP Rank in the World: 21

Literacy Rate: 96%

Life Expectancy of Males: 75 years old

Life Expectancy of Females: 82 years old

Official Language: Mandarin Chinese

Government & Economy

Taiwan has a Multiparty Democracy. President Ma Ying-jeou is the leader of Taiwan. Taiwan has a Capitalist economy, which allows citizens to own companies, farms, and other buildings. Taiwan uses the New Taiwan dollar as their currency. Compared to the United States, one U.S. dollar equals about $30.38 in Taiwan money.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Rainbow Bridge is a popular pedestrian walkway. The bridge is lined with neon lights that reflect a rainbow onto the water's surface at night.

The National Palace Museum is a beautiful building that holds many ancient artifacts that come from Chinese history.

Taipei 101 is one of the world's tallest buildings, standing at 101 floors. Inside the tower there are observation decks and restaurants.

Important Historical Events

On September 2, 1945 World War II ends after Japan formally surrenders on a U.S. ship. All the territories China had once colonized, including Taiwan, get returned from Japan.

On February 28, 1947 an argument forms in Taiwan known as the 2-28 Incident. After officials beat a woman they suspect of selling cigarettes illegally and shoot a witness who was trying to interfere, a huge argument forms. Citizens are furious and angry after what happened and start protesting, only getting more people injured.

On June 27, 1950 Taiwan got protection from the U.S. president, Harry Truman. The protection was to help avoid an attack from China. In this event the Seventh Fleet was sent to guard the waters between China and Taiwan. The Seventh Fleet is a military formation of many ships commanded by the United States Navy.                                                                                     

Current Event

Just recently,  the first tunnel under the Suhua Highway was completed in Taiwan. This project also included building eight other tunnels, thirteen bridges, and new road embankments. Not only does this improve Taiwan's transportation system, but it will ease traffic. People traveling back and forth from work will find this route very safe and easy. This project was greatly needed because the roads were damaged by Typhoon Megi. When digging this tunnel parts of it often collapsed and caused the people to work at a slow pace. In the end, this project is a new and wonderful enhancement for Taiwan.

Do I Feel Taiwan's Economy Is Successful?

I feel that Taiwan is successful because it's labor force consists of highly skilled workers. Taiwan is a major exporter of textiles, electronics, machinery, metals, and high-technology items. Exporting means bringing money into the country. Not only that, but the strong middle class has a happy life with a high standard of living. The government helps to strengthen the economy in any way possible.

Microsoft Is Located In Taiwan

One major company that is located in Taiwan is Microsoft. Microsoft is a company that sells computer software and technology. You probably know Microsoft for it's invention of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and much more. This company has greatly changed our world.

How Can Taiwan Improve Their Economy?

Since Taiwan is so densely populated, the GDP is lower because it is hard to give everyone a fair amount of money, with the amount Taiwan has. To improve their economy they could raise their GDP by increasing the amount they export. This would result in earning more money than the country currently has. With that extra money Taiwan would earn from exporting goods, the government could raise the minimum wage, so that adults can live a better life. This entire process will result in increasing the GDP per capita of Taiwan.

Another way to improve Taiwan's economy is if they export more goods, such as computers, they would bring more money into their country. In order to build a computer, you need parts. Designing  parts or equipment that make up a computer results in a person doing this as a full time job. People will apply and help out with shipping, building, packaging, and managing all to export one good, which in this case is a computer. In conclusion, Taiwan can export more goods, so they can create more jobs and earn more money by selling different products.

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