This news letter will inform you on whats been going on here at Warren Hills Elementary  in Mrs. Bradshaw's fifth grade class! We will tell you about what has been going on in reading, writing, math, science, spelling and social studies!


Do you know how to multiply mixed numbers? This week in Mr. Todtfields class we are learning how to multiply mixed numbers and it can be really difficult! Can you solve this math problem 1  1/4 x 3  2/5? If so you are a mathematican!

Social Studies

Do you know the indian tribe that was forced to march from the east to west? It was the CHEROKEE tribe!! In Mrs. Bradshaws fifth grade class we have been working on westward expansion board games. These game boards have the Mexican American war, Gold rush, and the Oregon trail.


What does it mean to pre-write? To pre-write means to write before! The past few weeks our class has been working on pre-fixes. Here is some practice, try one! What does it mean to do something again? Re or pre? The answer is Re!


What is a force? A push or a pull!! This week during science in Mr. Todtfields class we have been learning about force and motion!


Do you like a good book about mysteries, comics, non-fiction, or a biography? In reading class we've been working on authors purpose. Authors purpose is when the author tells you the purpose about the book he or she wrote.


This week we are on unit 18 , and we have 20 spelling words each week. This week was a review and it was tough!!


Well thats all we have for you this week! We hope you enjoyed it and PLEASE feel free to comment on it below! Bye! Have a GREAT rest of your week!

                                               Made by: Maya A., Grace, Haley, and Kaylyn

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3 years ago

That is so good I learned a lot about Mrs. Bradshaws class I love the pic at the bottom super cute especialy the girl in the chair