Antigone Script

Sentry ; I'll not say that I'm out of breath king from running, king because every time I stopped to think about what I have to tell you I didn't know if I should tell you or not because I don't wanna die creon....

Creon; Just hurry up and tell me what you have to say

Sentry ; I didn't do it creon, and I didn't see who did it

Creon: ok you defended yourself now what do you have to say

Sentry;It's a very sad thing it's hard to say

Creon; JUST SAY IT !

Sentry ; well ... Creon ... They buried the dead man

Creon; And who's the person who dared to do this ?

Sentry; I really don't know creon please believe me

Choragos; I'm curious about this my king do you think maybe the gods did this?

Creon; Wait are you guys kidding me? You really think "The gods " did this . Why would they do such thing for a trader? Someone who brought something bad amongst us. It just makes no type of sense. Maybe the Anarchist did this since they bribed my own watchman last time. Anybody would do anything just for the money. You must find the person who did this or you shall taste your death.

Sentry; King Creon may I please talk?

Creon; Your voice gives me Anxiety

Sentry; My king are you sure that it is only your mind that thinks that ?

Creon; Oh my god he wants to act like my therapist now.

Sentry; What hurts you is not what I'm saying but what the situation is about

Creon; You talk too much

Sentry; But my king I haven't done anything wrong at all

Creon; You did this just for some money huh

Sentry; It sucks to know that our leader who's suppose to be right is now wrong

Creon; Your figure of speech doesn't get to me but if you bring me the man who did this then I will reward you

Sentry; Bring you the man? I would love to bring the man who did this but whether I bring him or not I shall not return nor will you ever find me