Gym Candy
Brandon Bennett

March 24th
Aha Moment

The moment i realized Micks family loved sports was early in the book. But his mom hates football. Micks dad was drafted to the nfl, and his mom was a gymnast at Washington. When they had Mick his dad knew he would be a star. I also realized when he started him late in school, so he could be athletically advanced. I think Mick will make it very far in football if he keeps up the hard work!

March 25 2015
memory moment

Micks dad was lying to him the whole time about being injured in the nfl. Mick looked his dad up on the internet and it said he was kicked out of the nfl, due to drugs, alcohol, and girls. Steves dad has memories about this and is mad at mick that mick found out why he never succeeded in the nfl. Now i think that his dad is a lier and is not trust worthy. I dont think this will affect Mick.  

March 26 2015
Again and again

When Mick caught his dad lying about his injury, i knew this would be a problem. Nothing is normal with Mick and his dad anymore. They cant discuss football terms together anymore, Mick said its too awkward. He also said its like i don't even have trust in him anymore. I never thought Micks dad would do this. I wonder if they will be normal ever again. I think i would be exactly what Mick is doing. It would be really awkward, knowing your dad lied to you. I would try to talk to my dad and work something out.  

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