Jews in Trouble!

By: Benjamin Collins

Jewish Evacuation

The nazi's started searching through all of the neighborhoods in search of all the jews. Ellens parents left and Ellen went to go live with Annmarie. One night while the girls were in bed the nazi soldiers came in to ask the parents some questions. The nazi soldiers asked to look around the house to see if they were hiding anything. Ellen and Annmarie walk outside to see what is happening and the officers question why Ellen looks different then the family. Annmarie's dad on the spot grabs a picture of Lize, Annmarie, and Kristy. Annmaries dad tells the soldiers that this is Lize. After getting away with that a few days later Ellen and Annmaries family meet with Uncle Henrik. Uncle Henrik take them to a house where Ellens parents have been hiding. After a fews days Uncle Henrik takes Ellen and her family of on a boat with other jews. Annmarie did not know what happened to Ellen and got scared. Uncle Henrik tells Annmarie that Ellen and her family are safe in Sweden with other jew families.

Interview with Ellen

As I was interviewing Ellen i asked her what it felt like being in this situation. She was telling me that she really missed her parents and wanted to be back with them. She said that hidding from the nazis was scary but interesting at the same time. She also felt comfortable with Annmarie's family because they were so open and had known them for a long time since they had been neighbors. I asked Ellen how happy she was to see her parents and how she felt being with them again. She told me that it was like starting over or starting a new life because she hasn't seen them in awhile. She also told me that it was a relief being back with her family and not always being on watch. She was also telling me that when she got off the boat in Sweden she really wanted to go back and see Annmarie again.

Annmarie's Family photo add

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