Sharnae's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

Have you ever listened to W.C Handy music? Well when W.C Handy was a young boy he bought a guitar at a store. When he got home his father told him to bring it back. His father thought anything that was not a church instrument was the devil`s music. oh did i mentioned that his family was very poor.

W.C Handy was a very highly intelligent student,he loved school. He just didn't like what his father liked. He had courage to believe in what he wanted to do.he played music all day long. So people started calling him “Father Of The Blues’’. Everybody admired his music.When he was little he could not play the instruments he wanted to play.He was a really good player if you asked me.

Well it really did not matter if he was a bad or good player the thing is that he stood up for what he believed in. The main idea is do what you think is right and you don't let anyone keep you down. My opinion about William Christopher Handy that his name is I think he was a smart man .He encouraged his own self to stand up for what right and what he love and he believed in. NEVER STOP BELIEVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • He was from Germany
  • Immersed in music growing up military bands,pubs,and mother played piano
  • As a child he used music to tell stories
  • opened a school for music and movement
  • Music school was bombed during World War II thankfully the school was closed
  • Composed during the Modern period
  • Orff Instruments for music classroom
  • Began teaching other music educators
  • Wrote Carmina Burana
  • Has 25 movements
  • Sung in latin
  • He died in 1982


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