The War at Sea:  A British                                       Account


        It's been a while since the war has started.  After all the training we still faced some problems.....  some we still do not have a good answer to.  The main one being the German submarines or better know as U-Boats attacking and sinking ships without warning.  We need to find a fix for this we'r losing precocious materials and supplies to often.  I wonder when there will be a real sea battle,  though I don't think any side wants to lose one of there fancy battle ships.  When we first first came for training and through all of this time iv never seen them come out of port.  Gee I wonder what the government was thinking of when producing these monsters but not using them.  It's probably two big countries just making a naval arms race to compare to each other and to show off who is bigger. (Bruton)       

May 30, 1916:
      I just got word from my superiors it seems like we may have intercepted a German message for an attack.  We still don't know for sure.  All the crew seems to be on edge.  Could this be the first full out battle on the sea?  We all know we need to keep those Germans out of our shipping lanes,(Government of Canada Archive)  there so important for us to win the war.  Update!  We now have the Germans plans,  they will send 5 of the modern battle cruisers to lure us out where the subs will camp where we would have likely come out.  To bad it was intercepted but now it's our turn to strike!!            

May 31, 1916:
      Finally it's time!  It turns out we have intercepted a German message and it looks like they are attacking near a place called Jutland near Denmark.  Ok its time.... one of the generals told me that we are going to trap them with a small area with a few of our ships in front of them,  after we will come from side and attack them.  It was us the British and people from the Royal Australian and Royal Canadian forces.  We know what to do, hopefully this will go off without a hitch.  Every time I see those postures I know I am doing the right thing, taking out those monsters whether it may be one of a whole ship full of them.   Ok I think we see them,  we all are in position lets get this over with.  It's all a blur bam! bam! bam! the sounds of huge guns going off and the sound of metal on metal it all your can hear.  "There is something wrong with our bloody ships" "There is something wrong with our bloody ships"  I can still here those words like it was yesterday.  

June 2 1916:
     The battle is over.  We fended off the Germans... though at what cost we lost 14 ships in that battle.(Bennett Geoffrey)  The Germans only lost 11, how is this possible this could have gone so much better.  At least we won.  Or at least it seems so to me.  We kept our position and made the Germans flee.  Though they say those monsters that they won.  They say they won because they sunk more ships.  Well I still think we won,  anyways I don't think they will be coming back anytime soon.  Well at least in the state they are in now.  The people will see though th````

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