End Of Year Project

Job application

                       Good people

The world needs good people because it would make the world a better place. It would also protect us from the bad people, cause with the bad people there is a lot of violence.

We need god people in the world so all the negativity could go away and only think positive. It would be much better with more positive people.

If the world had bad people, the good people will live in fear. It is not fair for us good people go through something we didn't do or want to do.

We need good people in the world because having good people we have good vibes. We want more positivity not negatively. We all would like to get along with each other.

Letter Of Recommendation

May 25, 2015

Dear to whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Karla Ramirez as a candidate for a position with a psychologist, in her position as a school counselor. Karla was employed in our office from 2005 to 2008. She did an amazing job in this area.

Karla is excellent at giving advice and communication skilld, she is very dedicated and is sure that her patients are well taken care of.


Alyssa Villa


Karla Ramirez


12121 world point




My goal as a professional is to be a phycologists. I would wanna become one because I get to help other people with their problems.


I went to Paso Del Norte my elementary and middle school year. For my high school year I went to El Dorado 9th grade academy.


2005 to 2008

Paso Del Norte counselor

Would help 6th to 8th graders with problems they had.


Good at communication skills, very friendly, great listener, and very patient.

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