Culture is a big factor in Pilsen and invites you to explore the secrets that await you around every corner.Here in Pilsen bold murals have blossomed in the most weird places,on the front of homes,around railroad overpasses,and wrapped around train platforms.The artful vibe goes on within the storefront galleries and studios, as well as in the colorful collections of the National Museum of Mexican Art , a highly cognizance cultural institution .

Its a neighborhood that oscillates with a youthful spirit and is ever excogitating. For over 150 years, Pilsen has been a harborage of entry for the immigrants. Early on it was waves of Eastern Europeans, which later shifted and became predominantly Latino. Now blended in the close knit Mexican American community is ingenious types and students. Thanks to this diversity, offbeat classic shops, independent coffee houses and quaint cafes alongside bodegas, panaderias and restaurants serving authentic Mexican cuisine.

           EXPLORING  PILSEN                                 by :Byron   hobbs                       

Adding to multicultural mosais is the neighborhood area of heart of  Chicago, anchored by seceral old school Italian resturaunts.  Although , whether you are on 18th street or Oakley avenue Its the mighty cultural heritage. That also envolves rich working class legacy that is the backbone of the lower west side. Some of the food they have near Pilsen are very old and has culture to it. The is also very old because the recipies that the Mexicans use are pass down from different families.

One of the neighborhoods that are close to Pilsen is little Village. They are both own the lower west side. But if I ever got a chance to go to pilsen I would spend all my time studying the neighborhoods. I would study there culture and different historical information.