The capital of Cuba is Havana,the major languages spoken in Cuba are Spanish, Creole and Lucumi.The continent of Cuba is South America.The population is 11.27, and the average age is 39.9 years and the life expectancy is 78.3.


Three major bodies of water in Cuba is a lake named "La Laguna de Leche" and Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Three major cities include Havana Cuba and Santiago De Cuba, as well as Varadero,Cuba.


General season weather conditions?It is usually hot in Cuba.

The average yearly rainfall is semi-tropical.

71 degrees is the average temperature in Cuba.

The effect that Cuba's weather has on it creates the peaceful weather Cuba has.


The type of government in Cuba is Democratic Republic.

The major religions in Cuba is Roman Catholic.

Some of the foods eaten in Cuba is Tamales, and black bean soup.

The clothing worn in Cuba is Guayabera tops and ruffled skirts, exaggerated sleeves.

The top three holidays in Cuba are Liberation Day, celebrating how the revolution succeeded. Another is Christmas (Natividad) a national holiday. The third holiday is International labor day called "Dia de los trabajadores.

Interesting facts

Some health issues have to do with poverty in some areas of cuba not being able to cure those in need.

Travel tips for going to Cuba is to plan your trip in advance to be able to book and do everything you want to do and be able to enjoy Cuba.


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