Fahrenheit 451 Theme Connection Assignment

In the short story, Harrison Bergeron, we come to a thematic idea present in the story and today. The idea that we should be free, we should not be handicapped. We can see this in two modern day examples. A song The Cave by Mumford and Sons and a current event that takes place in the Ukraine. The people in Ukraine are being oppressed, their rights taken away. The oppressed including the minority group, Crimean Tatars, have been harassed by Russian officials.


Harrison Bergeron, The Cave by Mumford and Sons, and the problem in Ukraine can all be tied to Fahrenheit 451. We see this in plot detail; Beatty discusses with Montag how the government limits our options and our freedoms by explaining, "if you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none" (Bradbury 80). A line from The Cave states that "[he will] know [his] name as it's called again", referring to idea that he knows who he is and no one can change that. Clarisse demonstrates knowing who you are and not changing by being her own person until the day she died, and she was still remembered as different, like when Beatty is reminded of Clarisse saying, "she didn't want to know how a thing was done, but why....[she is] most peculiar" (Bradbury 79, 17). Many people will try to limit out abilities, but we can be like Montag and choose our own path.

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