Rube Goldberg in  progress 1

I choose the Rube Goldberg for my 20% project. I choose this because it seemed challenging and fun. I want to learn more about the stages you can create and if there are any new ones. I do not really want to do this as a career because I am not sure I am very good at it, and if I really want to do it for more than a few years.

Rube Goldberg in progress 2

We have been planning all the supplies and resources needed for this project, the rube goldberg.

List of things we need:

  • duct tape
  • string
  • cups
  • marbles, balls, etc.
  • tubes
  • scissors
  • tracks
  • polly
  • ruler/meter stick
  • other supplies that we find around the house or classroom at school
  • some sort of weight
  • pieces of wood

Rube Goldberg in Progress 3

Today we figured out who will bring in what supplies, and we watched some videos about other people who made Rube Goldberg machines, I learned some new ideas that we might use for our machine.

List of things we need:

  • duct tape (Ally)
  • string (Lexi)
  • cups (Ally)
  • marbles, balls, etc. (split between lexi and Olivia)
  • tubes (Olivia)
  • scissors (Ally)
  • tracks (Lexi)
  • polly ( Mr. Ternent)
  • ruler/meter stick ( Mr. Ternet.)
  • other supplies that we find around the house or classroom at school (everyone)
  • some sort of weight (Olivia)
  • pieces of wood(Olivia)
  • trucks (Lexi)
  • small buckets(Lexi)

Rube Goldberg in progress 4

Today we brought in some of our supplies for the Rube Goldberg project. We also figured out the other supplies we need to bring in. We figured out one or two stages for our Rube Goldberg project, and we are going to continue to keep coming up with new stages, because we need to have more than just two. We started our drawing of the overall project. We need to finish the drawing then continue to build our Rube Goldberg machine tomorrow.

Rube Goldberg in progress 5

Today we continued to work on our machine and figure out which stages we still need to work on. We figured out stages one, two, and three, but we have to make sure that they will trigger each stage that is next, because if one stage doesn't trigger the next it will mess up and stop the Rube Goldberg Machine from continuing or finishing the run. We also brought in some more supplies and figured out the few supplies we still need to bring in, to add and help build the project. Our project is challenging and a fun project to work as a team to complete.

Rube Goldberg in progress 6

Today we continued to make more stages for our project. We improved our stages we previously built a few days ago. We made our drawing of the stages we have finished. We had 2 rolling stages, and we can only have one, so we need to work on creating a different stage, a zip line. We made some progress and are excited to continue.

Rube Goldberg in progress 7

Today we figured out how we need to get stages 1 through 4 to work. We got the zip line to work and trigger the block of wood. We used the inside of the polly instead of the hook. We also brought in a few new supplies to help build the project, and figured out any last minute new supplies to get and bring to class. Tomorrow we will hopefully get all the stages that we need to have by the end of the school year done to work. Also i hope we can get the drawing done. Once we finish those things, we plan to add more stages to our Rube Goldberg project.

Rube Goldberg in progress 8

Today we kept doing test runs for our Rube Goldberg Project. We have almost ALL the supplies we need for the rest of the project throughout the semester.  We learned some new words like speed, velocity, height, weight, and how different tools and and materials can make objects and stages work better.Tomorrow we plan to make sure that all the stages trigger the next stage, make a video on our progress, and make a drawing of our projects. Today was a successful day.

Rube Goldberg in progress 9

Today we finished the drawing of our Rube Goldberg Machine Project. We drew all 4 of the stages we have been working on. Also today we got stages 1-3 to work, we just need stage three to trigger stage 4, because we were having trouble getting the ball to roll straight to the backet. The bouncy ball has to hit the bucket with a block in it to make it fall down on the ground. Tomorrow we plan to make ALL of our stages trigger the next stage. Also we plan to take a video and some pictures and post it here on tackk.

Rube Goldberg in progress 10

We need to get stages 3 and 4 to work and trigger the next stages, because they stop, or don't work. We also need to get the polly to work EVERY time we start. We also need to get the ball to roll down the ramp then hit the cup and make it fall to the ground, so it can then trigger the next stage.

Rube Goldberg in Progress 11

Today we kept working on our tests to see how many times it took us to get a successful run through of our project. It took us about 30 times!!!But I am so happy to say that we completed our 4 stages!!! We need to now take a video of our 4 stages, and then post it here on tackk. After we do that, we will probably continue to add and make more stages!!! We also finished the drawing of our 4 stages.

Rube Goldberg in progress 12

Today we continued to make more test runs to make sure that our stages would trigger the next stages every time. Also we came up with three new stages to add, because we finished the stages and got them to work. Our goal for the Rube Goldberg Machine project is to knock down the Jenga tower. We will have a total of about 8 stages to our machine. If we have time we could add more if we want to. Today we got a lot done.

Rube Goldberg in progress 13

Today we continued to make test runs for our Rube Goldberg Project. We figured out what we were having trouble with that caused our Rube Goldberg Machine Project.  We also figured out that we need to bring in more duck tape because we are running out, and will not have enough to finish off our Rube Goldberg Machine by the end of the year. Tomorrow we plan to continue to make test runs and develop new things to fix, and also we plan to correct the problems we had today.

Rube Goldberg in progress 14

In our machine we mostly had trouble with the basket not knocking over the weight. So we plan to put more weight in the basket so more weight can push the 2.5 pound weight over, and hit the scissors that will cut the string, that will then make the car fall and hit the Jenga tower and knock it over. Sometimes we would have trouble with the ball rolling down the tube or getting the zip line to start. So we plan to put more cardboard boarders to help the ball roll to a certain way. Also we plan to put new string up, because we have been using the same string for the zip line the whole time. Tomorrow we plan to continue to make test runs and develop new things to fix, and also we plan to correct the problems we had today.

Rube Goldberg in progress 15

Today we continued to make test runs of our Rube Goldberg Machine Project. We had a lot of trouble getting the zip-line to start, so we decided to replace the old string with new string that made the polly move toward the piece of wood. Also we duck taped Jenga blocks together, to make a ramp for our Rube Goldberg Machine Project. We will continue to fix the problems that come and pop up, till we can get our machine to work EVERY time.

Rube Goldberg in progress 16

Today we continued to make test runs. We also figured out what stages we need to complete. Our group decided to cut some of the stages out of the project, because we only have one day left to finish our project. We have a total of 6 stages of our Rube Goldberg Machine Project. Tomorrow we plan to get ALL of the 6 stages to work, and get a video and post it on tackk. Our group is hard working, uses their time wisely, and works great as a team and group.

Rube Goldberg in progress 17

Today we took out some stages so we could get our Rube Goldberg Machine Project to work. I am so proud to say that we competed the Rube Goldberg machine Project!!!! We got it on our 50th try!!! We had to take out two stages to complete it. We were so happy to see the final ending!!! Today was a successful day!! Go check out the final video on my YouTube account, LexiGray920   

Rube Goldberg Reflection 18

Today is our last day of stem. I enjoyed doing Rube Goldberg machine Project, but I would not like to do this for a job unless it included more than 1 or 2 people. I would maybe do this for fun or sometime in the summer. If I had the choice to go back and choose a different project, I would not. I liked this project the most out of the ones we got to choose from. I liked how we got to work with several other people, because we could discus our problems and ways to fix them. Also we could come up with new plans on how to improve our Machine. Lastly I enjoyed seeing the improvement and success we have made over the past couple of weeks, our group was so relieved and happy that we completed our Rube Goldberg Machine Project.

Our machine has a total of 5 stages. In the middle of this week we decided to take out some of our stages, since we had 9 and we couldn't get all of them to work. It took us a total of 50 tries to get our machine to be a success. I felt like our team was hard working and that we used our time wisely. If I had to do this project by myself, I probably would only have gotten 3 or 4 stages to work.

I learned several different things while building and completing this project. I learned to never give up or quit. If you do, you let your team down and you will probably have a hard time finishing it on your own. I also learned some new stages we I can use to create my own, if I want to. The Rube Goldberg Machine project was a challenge and a great experience. I also learned some new jobs and hobbies people can have through out their life. I am glad I choose the Rube Goldberg machine for my 20% project.

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2 years ago

Nice work! This is going to be a great project. Sounds like it required lots of teamwork and ingenuity. I'm looking forward to seeing the final project in action!

2 years ago

Thanks!! And yes i am very excited to find out what the final outcome is going to be!! Making your own Rube Goldberg machine Project does require a lot of team work, But I have a great team to work with!! Thanks again!!!

2 years ago

Seems to be pretty cool! Doing great!

2 years ago

Great job! It looks like you all worked hard on this. I can't wait to see the video.

2 years ago

This is really good! It's very neat and organized which is really cool

2 years ago