Thomas McFarland DDS: The Beauties of Costa Rica

Thomas McFarland DDS, a successful dentist living in the greater Saint Anthony, Minnesota area, is an avid traveler. He loves putting himself in a position to experience other cultures from around the world. He also appreciates the opportunity to escape from his normal routine. He loves his profession and the good he produces, but it is important to him, and everybody for that matter, to give himself a chance to unwind and recharge. Traveling helps him stay focused and energetic in his professional duties.

One of Thomas McFarland DDS's favorite destination spots is Costa Rica. He enjoys it because of the wide array of natural beauties that the country offers. First, it houses some of the densest rainforests in the world. The rainforest is home to many species of plant and animal that are not found in the continental United States, Thomas McFarland DDS's home. He loves the change in scenery, as it only contributes to his travels being a unique experience that he cannot recreate from home.

Costa Rica is also home to beautiful coastlines, says Tim McFarland DDS. To the west there is the deep and mysterious Pacific Ocean, and to the east is the colorful Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica's coastlines offer many opportunities to fans of water and relaxation in general. He cannot think of a more relaxing experience than laying on a Costa Rican beach while reading a novel.

Lastly, says Thomas McFarland DDS, Costa Rica is home to active volcanoes; it is one of the only countries in the world to be a host of this nature. He loves the fact that there are volcanoes in Costa Rica because, as with the rainforest, it creates a completely unique experience for him, one in which he cannot recreate in Minnesota.

All in all, Tim McFarland DDS loves traveling and one of his favorite destination spots is Costa Rica. He cannot recommend the country enough to his friends and family.