What about me?

Kylie B.

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The moment when everything in your world changed?

The moment when my world changed was when I found out I was having a little sister. My mom and my dad told me when I was four. They told me by telling me Christmas morning, and then I came out and told my family I was going to be a big sister. I was happy but mad that I was going to be a big sister.

The person who meant a lot to you but you'll probably never see again?

The person who meant so much to me that I will probably never see again is Addie Jensen. She was my best friend since second grade, she had to move to Utah because her dad got a promotion for his job. Addie had played soccer and volleyball with me for about 5 years. We were so close, we probably got the closest in sixth grade, she had to move in the middle of seventh grade.

The place Ive always wanted to travel to is...

The place that Ive always wanted to travel to is Australia or Italy. Australia because of all of the wildlife. Since I was a little kid I always loved Koalas and Kangaroos. Italy because of the beautiful places and buildings there are. I have always love looking at lights at night. They sparkle in the moonlight I love to look at that.

My deepest fear?

My Deepest fear is Spiders, they are the creepiest things alive. All they do is crawl around. I think spiders are the creepiest things ever they look so gross and they have poison in them just waiting to bite you.

The book I re-read as a kid?

The book I re-read as a kid was called go dogs go, by Dr. Sues. Go dogs go was about how dogs would go on bikes, skates, by foot, by blimp, and many more they would all go to a tree where they would have a dog party.

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