Teen Suicide

by: Haley Cussins

There is lots of teenagers out in the world that do suicide. They mostly do it because of depression, and bullying. The teenagers think their is no way out beside going suicide. There is a way out of thinking about suicide. You may think that no one cares but there are people out their to help you. Don't throw your life away. Life gets rough sometimes but stay strong and keep your head held high. At least 294 teens kill themselves each year. Suicide most happens when your having family problems or getting bullied in school. Their is lots of ways someone can give you hints about suicide. They will talk about it, feeling worthless, and lack of sleeping or eating. Some teens only do it to escape a bad decision they made.

You have friends and family who care about you. if you feel like going suicide talk to a family member, friend or who ever you trust. Don't make one bad choice and end your life for good. It takes some time to get back up on your feet after feeling this way for a long time. Fight it and never give up because life is worth living. You may have a big decision and your upset about it for more than a few weeks and feel like giving up. You think the only way out is suicide. That's not the answer to your problem. Don't give up on your life because you may only be a teen, but you've got so much in life to discover. Your gonna make mistakes, but that's part of life in general. You have so many chances in life to start over with someone or make new friends. Sometimes a new fresh start is the best for you. So don't give up and take it day by day.

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