Hard ware is a physical thing, such as the computer monitor, the screen or the laptop etc.the machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system. Software is the instillation on the device such as windows seven.the programs and other operating information used by a computer

The hardware you will need for a podcast are headphones and microphone but most importantly a laptop or computer with internet access.The software you will need for a podcast are recording and editing software.


Step by step on how to

    Step 1 - To record a podcast, you need to have a microphone that is compatible with your computer.

    Step 2 - Once you have a microphone, you need to get software that allows you to record audio through that microphone and save it on your computer's hard drive.
    Step 3 - Take some time to think about what you're going to say during your podcast. You can even write a script.
    Step 4 - Turn on your microphone, start your audio software and begin recording. Save the file when you're done.
    Step 5 - Upload your podcast file to your web host. If you plan to record a lot of podcasts or your blog gets a lot of traffic, you might want to create a new hosting account to hold your podcasts, so you don't reach your blog hosting bandwith limits too quickly.
    Step 6 - Once you upload your podcast file to your hosting account, copy the podcast URL and keep that URL handy.
    Step 7 - Open your blogging application and create a new blog post. Give it a title and add any text you'd like to introduce your podcast.
    Step 8 - Using the URL you copied earlier for your uploaded podcast file, paste that information into your new blog post as new media or a new enclosure link, depending on the blogging application you use
    Step 9 - Select the publish button in your blogging application to send your new blog post with your podcast link included live online.
    Step 10 - Open your new live blog post and select your podcast link to ensure it's working correctly Reply Forward

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